Agency: The Martin Agency
Client: Colonial Williamsburg
Creative Director: Trent Patterson
Designer: Katie Whiteman
Supervising Designer: Judd Burnette
Copy Writer: Becca Thompson

The goal for this campaign was to bring George Washington to the 2016 campaign trail to encourage stronger participation in the democratic process that started in Colonial Williamsburg. 

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Initial Development

Once we decided old George was going to give it another go as POTUS, we did some digging to figure out just exactly who he was way back when. We compiled images depicting Washington throughout history, and built moodboards to create a visual snapshot of who he was. We then began exploring what his campaign mark could be; experimenting with mixing the old with the new.


Logos that didn't make the cut:


The approach

This idea relied heavily on people being able to quickly recognize George Washington as the icon they’re familiar with and understand what he wants them to do. By blending iconic lithographs of George’s most famous portraits with modern typography we brought George into the current political landscape while staying true to his roots.


extending the brand

Once a look and feel had been approved, we moved forward into creating extensions of the brand. The first one being George's upgrade from his white horse: a shiny new campaign van.


George Hits the Road

And then George hit the road! He spent most of his efforts at the Iowa State Fair. There, he did soapbox speeches alongside the rest of the presidential candidates. He also flipped porkchops with IA Congressmen, met with Governor Branstad, even threw out out the first pitch at an Iowa Cubs game.